Tuesday, September 20, 2016

You're Either Going to Love Me, or Hate Me...

Hi, everybody!

So, you may have noticed on Goodreads that the publication date for FALLING FROM GRACE has been pushed back to November. *ducks rotten tomatoes*

If you've been following me on Twitter, you'll have heard my life took a HUGE turn (for the better!) in July. My soul mate proposed (yay!), so not only have I been planning an early December wedding, I've also had to renovate my house quick smart and put that on the market, whilst also packing in preparation to move. To say I've been ridiculously busy would be an understatement, and sadly, this hasn't left much time for editing.

I don't want to publish a book that isn't ready, and a few ideas have popped up that I really want to add to the book, which brings me to my next piece of news...

There will be a WAITING FOR APRIL-related novella coming out early next year. 

Whilst the publication date for this novella hasn't been set, I'm hoping it'll be out by March. I know a lot (pretty much all) of you have been DYING to know what happened to a certain character, so that novella will centre around that person, as well as another character from book one. But that's not to say that/those character/s won't also be in book two. CRYPTIC MUCH? Yes. Yes it is. But I'm very excited, because this particular novella could bust this universe wide open!

In other news, the paperback edition of WAITING FOR APRIL will be available very soon! I'll keep you updated on that, too. 

In the meantime, it's back to the writing cave for me!