Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Waiting Game

Hello there!

The querying process has begun! Well, sort of. I've only sent out a handful so far, but the results have been positive! So, while my novel is being considered by agents, I've been keeping myself BIZ-AY.

Well, that's kind of a lie. I've done this:

            Meet my characters, Scott Parker and April Fletcher! 

Torn apart by April's tragic death in 1729, Scott has been rendered immortal by fate, while April has been given the gift of reincarnation. 

Which would be really helpful if April didn't have the same predetermined expiration date in each life.

Oh, I do miss my characters! But I think my critique partners would have poked my eyes out if I'd spent any longer tweaking this novel.

So, what else have I been up to, you ask? STUDYING. At least, I should be studying. I returned to university a couple of weeks ago to complete a Master of Education (Middle and Secondary) in Science. Yes. Crazy, I know. She, who has a fear of public speaking, is destined to get up in front of 20-30 people all day, every day, and talk. *gulp* But hey! People need to know science, right? If only I could remember something from my initial degree ...

*clears throat*

So there you have it. While I'm waiting to hear back from agents, I'm making collages of my characters instead of learning about learning. The irony! Throw in two small children, my TBR pile, Revenge, House, Homeland, Supernatural, Misfits, and a new laptop, and I have all the procrastination tools I need to get me through the waiting game.

What about you? What have you been up to lately? What books have you read that I can add to my procrastination TBR pile? Any TV shows you'd recommend?


  1. Oh Jesse Spencer you are so delicious. :D Good luck on querying! I both loved, and hated, that process.

    And I'm watching Revenge too! I love that show. I wish I had a billionaire friend like Nolan.

  2. Thanks, Jenn! Yes, querying is fun *and* terrifying. At least your story had a good outcome. I'm so going to interview you when Altered comes out! :P (You have no say in the matter).

    And I love Nolan! I watched 6 episodes last night. I'm now up to episode 11. I'm in total denial about how episode 1 started. I love Daniel, too! He has to be all right! :(

  3. Yay, Jaime! Glad to hear you're querying this novel, and I'll keep my fingers crossed for your success. I liked the first page you shared on my blog, and I love the premise! I'm not surprised you're getting a good response to the queries. Keep us posted!

    As for me, I've spent the last month buried in revisions after receiving the editorial notes for my next book. I'm just coming up for air and taking a week's break before reading the whole MS again ... and maybe sending it back to the editor. Squee!

  4. That's my favourite part, Dianne! I love coming back to a MS all fresh and eager after letting it sit. :D I hope I'm in the position to work with an editor one day. It sounds like a lot of fun, despite the hard work!

    Enjoy the break while it lasts! :D

  5. I know someone who will love this story when you get it published. They are really into reincarnation stories.

    Good luck with querying. Are you on QT?

  6. Hi, Kimberlee! Thank you! I certainly hope it gets to the publishing stage!

    And I am on QT - JaimeLoren. :D

    My query and 1st page made it into Area 51 with Cupid, too, so here's hoping I become a victim of the CIA agents!